Team building

We just stared into each other’s eyes for seven minutes straight. He set the timer. Sat on top of me in bed and looked down. It was hard to focus at first. My eyes shifted back and forth as I tried to look at one eye or the other instead of both. He said it was ok, that I could just focus on one. So I chose the scar in between both. That little portal at the top of the bridge of his nose. I could dive into it and swim to another world. And I did. Well I tried. And he stared at me, into my eyes. I couldn’t really see his eyes any more. I could see his hair falling into his face on the periphery but really I was trying to lose myself into him with out letting him lose himself in me. I tried to deflect his exploration by sending him telepathic messages. Stick your tongue out at me. Stick your tongue out at me. Stick your tongue out at me. But he would only lean in and try to kiss me. Or we would giggle. Twice I actually fell into a tranced only to jar myself awake and try to shuffle out of the whole thing. But he didn’t let go. He said he was going to stare into my eyes for seven minutes no matter what. He said that it does something. That he’d done it once with a guy from postcrypt. A total stranger. Everyone did it that day he said. And now when ever they see each other on campus they snap their fingers and nod their heads at each other. So I saw it through. And toward the end I fell into the trance yet again only this time I didn’t wake. We continued staring. My eyes began to water but I kept them open. He asked if I was ok. I was. When the timer went off I felt robbed. Like a bus had taken off just as I made it to the bus stop panting. He said it does something. I hope it does.


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