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She started modeling late in life. At first it was just to keep busy. She’d been retired from teaching for five years already and going to occasional casting calls and photo shoots gave her something to fill up her day with. It paid well too. She wasn’t really a fan of the atmosphere. There were a lot of divas and bossy photographers; some of the other models where nice though. She liked itwhen she had to take family pictures. Usually she was in a kitchen or on a porch with a set of parents and kids. Every now and then though she would be called upon for a grandmother/grandchild shoot, and those brought her the most joy. It reminded her of teaching. She didn’t have chalk in her hand and there was no lesson plan, but for that time the child’s attention was hers. For a second that child was hers and she belonged to that child. For a moment she was a grandmother, a moment that could last forever, if only in a poster.


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