She only wore green on days when she really felt like she had to recoup. It wasn’t superstitious and she had no record of the ritual ever bringer her anything like luck. But she didn’t believe in luck. She believed in the power of the brain. She hated the color green. It made her think of slime and swamp mutants. But she liked to challenge herself. She liked to turn mental switches off and on. So that if she started her day actively deciding to wear a color she detested, than maybe she would take a new route to work, and maybe she could answer her emails faster and more efficiently, and maybe when Terry in accounting hounded her for her daily report she’d already have it in her out box ready to send, and when it was time to lay the bingo cards on the table at the weekly game, her eyes and ears would be more attuned to the letters and numbers, her hands more responsive and her cry of bingo more winning.


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