Month: October 2014


I’m working the Thursday night shift at my bar tonight. I’m trying not to dread it. I want to walk in on a positive note. So what if it’s ghetto. Who cares if the kids are rambunctious. Fuck the divas. Just smile, stare past them and make their drinks. Tolerate the repetitiveness. Make the best of it. You’ve already had to Jameson yourself and your shift starts in less then an hour. You just want to see him don’t you. Smell his neck real quick before your night turns to familiar monotony. Make him laugh. Look at him in awe. Touch his hair. Kiss his angel face tenderly. Wonder what he see’s in you. Take him in close to you by that little waste. You met there on a Thursday night after all. This night belongs to both of you.


Journal entry past

July 4th, 2014

It’s a little too crowded on the subway to draw. It’s not that crowded, I just sense that the colors that surround me are vibrant with curiosity and perhaps more inclined toward a sense of national fellowship. I think someone would ask me what I’m drawing and I’m way to stoned to oblige. Likewise, pulling out the old marble comp book feels like drawing to much attention to myself. Pun may have been intended, not sure. Yeah I’m ripped and I don’t have any music to listen too. I think that’s what I’ll do at Xin’s. Load this phone up, and my new piece of shit phone, with music. That’s going to be weird. But I’m going to do it. Should I go back to blogging? To short stories? Am I more willing to be forthright? To commit? To put myself on display? Should I go incognito? Disappear? Thrive in disguise. I don’t know. I think I should continue to publish on Amazon. Blog more regularly. Tweet more regularly. Publish on ReadWave for sure. I’m not ready to leave ReadWave yet. I do still have other social media platforms to erase myself from. YouTube. Tumblr. Examiner. What else? I just want to keep it clean. Not in the “moral” sense but in terms of digital clutter. I used to join networking sites willy-nilly and it was fun. Now I think i’d like to narrow it down to ReadWave, meetup, twitter, possibly Instagram, though I’m leaning toward not, and of course my blog. Just makes more sense to keep it simple. That way I can focus on my slow progression toward full on IRL engagement. We’ll see. Attempted to go to the pool yesterday. Maybe I’ll go on Monday.