Check out my birds


Finally decided to start promoting my little eBook. If you’re interested in paying $2.99 for a collection of stories I had up for free in various corners of the internet including this blog than do click here. All joking aside I did go through quite the internal struggle about whether or not I was going to charge for this short story collection at all, how much I would charge and whether or not I was going to share it with my loved ones. If you’ve ever self-published you might have suffered some of these same quandaries. But this morning, after having this collection lay dormant on Amazon for over a month and a half I finally just posted a link on my favorite social media platforms and hoped for the best. It’s been my friends and family this whole time anyway, who have been encouraging me to charge for my art. So here goes nothing. Please buy my book When The Birds Come and leave a review if you like. There are more birds to come, I promise.



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