Month: April 2014

Check out my birds


Finally decided to start promoting my little eBook. If you’re interested in paying $2.99 for a collection of stories I had up for free in various corners of the internet including this blog than do click here. All joking aside I did go through quite the internal struggle about whether or not I was going to charge for this short story collection at all, how much I would charge and whether or not I was going to share it with my loved ones. If you’ve ever self-published you might have suffered some of these same quandaries. But this morning, after having this collection lay dormant on Amazon for over a month and a half I finally just posted a link on my favorite social media platforms and hoped for the best. It’s been my friends and family this whole time anyway, who have been encouraging me to charge for my art. So here goes nothing. Please buy my book When The Birds Come and leave a review if you like. There are more birds to come, I promise.



I’m telling myself all day it’s time to curb your spending habits. I don’t spend a lot but only because I don’t make a lot. Relatively though I’m pretty frivolous. I have to not only start pinching pennies but picking them up off the ground, the tales up ones I mean, of course I pick them up when they are heads up. So tell me why the first thing I did was drop five dollars on a glass of sangria at the cafe when I meant to go for a walk in the park? (Not to mention the two dollar tip.) Well I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here. On relapsing. I only started budgeting earlier today and here I am blowing a lucky seven on sangria I haven’t even tried yet. It could suck. Let me try it. Could use more sugar. I do feel though that I’m going to get drunk. So that’s good.


Oh man. Did I say I wanted to see “Of Mice and Men” the movie? Turns out it’s a show on Broadway. What do I know? You see a poster zipping by on the Subway and you think hey, I’m sexually/intellectually attracted James Franco, I’ll go see that. You don’t bother to check that it is actually a live performance. Haven’t actually made it past chapter three in the youtube audiobook version yet, but I intend to. I got a little distracted last week when I found out the ex is shacking up with a mutual friend of ours. So it goes.

Reading while cleaning

In middle school my first ever creative writing teacher nicknamed me Steinbeck. To this day I haven’t read anything by the guy. That ends today. In a few minutes I’ll be starting Of Mice and Men. Yes, because the movie is coming out (or already did, I’m not sure) and also because it’s come up a few times while trolling youtube for random audio selections. What’s that you say? Audio? Yes, I’ll be doing most of my reading audibly but damn I have to clean and rearrange my apartment today. I figure I’ll read along for the first chapter, then put the book down and get to work on the dishes, also have to change the curtains, sweep and mom the floors, clean the windows, scrub the bathtub, you get where I’m going with this? There’s a lot to do. I simply do not have to sit down and read with my eyes.