What happened yesterday part six: #TwitterFiction Festival

Now part six of what happened yesterday occurred sometime before I went to work last night and after I yanked all my stories off the internet. Let’s go back to late January while I was in California staying with my parents. My parents are both retired and I hardly left the house so during that time I was on Twitter a lot. I randomly stumbled on to something called the Twitter Fiction Festival. Now this is exactly what it sounds like, a five day online festival in which writers come together to celebrate and produce fresh and unique fiction, making use of both the tools as well as the limitations of the social media platform known to the world as Twitter. That makes sense right? Well I thought so too and it also seemed right up my alley so I thought, how can I get involved.

Well apparently, this event, sponsored by Twitter and Penguin Random House Publishing by the way, features an array of well-known authors, comedians and social media superstars all taking part in the story telling phenomenon. But wait there’s more. They also called for submissions of interesting #TwitterFiction ideas from anyone with a Twitter handle for the chance to be featured right along side the above mentioned writers and performers. So I thought why the heck not?

My idea was to propose a challenge to produce 50 illustrated 140 character or less short stories during the five day festival. Simple enough right? That first submission was easy. I didn’t think twice about it. Until they emailed me back saying that they liked my idea and wanted me to submit a more detailed pitch as I was now a round two finalist for the opportunity to see my idea through. What?

That’s when I kind of freaked out a little. I mean not really but yes really. This is when I understood the magnitude of this kind of opportunity. I mean these other authors are hard working, well established creatives that have cultivated rich careers worthy of the sort of reverence to be featured in such an event. And here I, along with the other finalists hoping for a spot, had the opportunity to park ourselves right next to these accomplished individuals and say, hey, I have a story to tell too.

Needless to say I took the round two submission very seriously. So of course I turned my revised and more detailed pitch in with about five minutes to spare on the night of the deadline. And I waited. I once again tried to keep it simple. Clarifying that if I got the opportunity to be featured, I would post about ten illustrated shorts a day, crowd sourcing for ideas and prompts and even pulling in other featured writers as characters in my stories.

I was happy with my submission and tried to move on from it. I figured it was an honor just to be nominated. But I’d also told my parents about it and hearing the hope and genuine pride in my mother’s voice made me want to win. And I did. I mean I don’t know if win is the right way to put it but hey they liked me. They really liked me.

Yesterday evening the official schedule for the Twitter Fiction Festival was announced and there I was on the roster. I made it. My time is now. My I opportunity is here in my hands, literally on this phone that I use to tell stories everyday anyway and all I have to do is work hard. Concentrate. Put my mind to good use. Deliver. Draw. Write. Live. Thrive. Excel. That’s all I have to do and we are going to do it together.

The Twitter Fiction Festival is from March 12th through the 16th. It starts off with a live event at the Subculture NYC theatre. I’m going to be there in the audience that night taking it all in. And I’m going to be all over Twitter next week to. Look out for me. I just might tell a story about you.



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