Sometimes you want to go


Been making the rounds informing customers that I’m moving on from our bar and will be working at a new one. The reactions are pretty text book. There is the obligatory albeit genuine “I’m sorry to see you go, but I’m happy for you.” There’s the “what NOOO I’m going to cry” which I truly appreciate but have a hard time reacting to in the moment. I usually have a nervous grin on my face and make hand to shoulder contact. And then there’s the “well we’ll have to exchange numbers or emails or something and hang out” which we all know is a social interaction that can range from perfectly appropriate and long over due to awkward and forced. But this is the first time I’ve left a job to move on to something else within the same city. Usually I fly the coup because I’m moving or the establishment itself has gone under (it happened once, it was pretty emotional). I’m a loyal employee if I do say so myself, so in this situation, leaving a bar where everybody knows your name, it’s nice to know that even though I’m moving on, I will have a home to come back to, to revisit, to catch up, to watch it grow and evolve anew from a different point of reference, to peek in on when there are newbies that make it their own, and maybe even one day to get totally drunk and embarrass myself and say things I kept to myself for two years behind the bar as I poured heavy drinks with a half smile and brick walls for eyes.


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  1. Hey I see you’ve restarted your blog, and started writing publicly again. You say you’ve started a new job? Are you still working at a bar, where I could possibly drop by for a visit?

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