The hello incursion

There is the one with the smile. We turn to him often or pretend to be him when we have to. He is the go to guy because he is so well liked. He’s just draining. Or maybe they are. At least these days anyway. It didn’t used to be that way. We never had to pretend. But he is the one people want to think we are so that is who we give. We may not all agree on it but he is one of our best defenses. Our Trojan horse. A pretty little veneer. It gets to be a little much at times, yes. People get sweet on him real easy and they start asking a lot of questions and trying to be around him more often. But that’s all they are going to get from him. He’s all chit chat and one liners. They aren’t going to get more out of him because he just doesn’t have it to give. And they aren’t going to get it out of any of us either because by now we’ve learned to get the fuck out before they start getting to curious and we take Smiles with us. We get out before they’ve stopped talking about themselves. We take what we can from them, acceptance, intrigue, wonder, but we tip our hat and make an exit before it becomes infatuation, before we dream of hero worship.


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