Month: August 2011

Dude, seriously

Sometimes Xinthia, I go to bed at night, after a long day of moving stuff around town, cleaning, packing, and tying up lose ends, I close my eyes, drift off into a soft slumber… and I wake up suddendly from the sharp pang of oh-shit-edness that pierces my little chest and I think “how are we going to pull this off by August 31st?”


But we always do don’t we? We’ll be there about a week and a few days after that.


Instagram love

I’ve been getting lost on the Instagram app lately. Posting some photos. Lots of drawings and doodles. And I’m up to 78 followers. Anyway it helps me relax. Whipping something up and posting it. Instagrammers make a nice social media community too. Well I like what I’ve done so far so I thought I’d share five random posts:







Um… I just had a conversation with a box. No joke. We, the BF, some friends and I, were walking by the Herberger theater. One of many the places I never got to enjoy. Like Alcatraz in San Francisco. Anyway the group is ahead of me, just by steps cause I’m lost in my iPhone (shame) and anyway I think I hear someone trying to get our attention. Only no on was there. But there was actually this little light box with a speaker, and what was at a second glance a lens no bigger than a button. And what did I hear? The close but distant sound of “hey you. Yeah you in the yellow shirt.” I didn’t even have to turn around to know that clearly I was the only dude in yellow. I got closer to the little box. He complimented me. He said my facial hair was just right. I try. So by then the group noticed that indeed I was talking to a little box upon the wall. And I asked if we were on TV. We weren’t. The Internet? Nope. Then what? Was there a party? Sorry. It was just the staff at the Herb doing some good old fashioned street marketing. They told us we should catch Hair Spray. Maybe we will. I told them they should check my blog.