Month: September 2010

Blog jobs five dollars

So as usual I’ve procrastinated something very important. AIDS WALK Phoenix is this Sunday and I haven’t generated a single donation. Well that is I guess if you don’t count the countless jello shots I’ve hustled at work. But I don’t count that, I just like to mention it. I however as a blogger, facebook enthusiast and lover and friend of yours should have been hitting you up for donations a long time ago. If you have time and a few bucks to spare in your accounts (I know I never really do either) click here and sponsor my ass por favor.

By donating I want you to know that you’ll be having a blast vicariously through me, because I have the honor of walking the streets of Phoenix with Barbra Seville’s Wonderful 100. I know. Hot. And in the interest of continuing with that motif I’m going to be, as some bloggers like to put it, whoring out my blog for some donations. Any amount will get a smile out of me and an eternal thank you, but five dollars or more gets a blog post. Got that? Donate five bucks here and let me know what you want me to blog about in the comment box down there. Easy enough right? So lets raise some money and even more awareness. See you on Sunday amigos.


Romy and Michele and Dugaldo’s high school reunion

That’s right. It’s been ten years since the class of 2000 graduated from high school, and tomorrow I’ll be reuniting with mine. I don’t really know what I want out of the experience to be honest. I haven’t accomplished half the things I thought I would ten years ago. I don’t own a house. I don’t have an established career. And I still haven’t graduated from college. Eeek! On the other hand, I’ve done some mind blowing things I never imagined I’d do, and for that matter wouldn’t dare put on this blog. I do hope to blurt them out drunkenly at the reunion though.

I have maintained friendships with a small handful of alumni, most of which I recently found out aren’t even going. So I guess I’ll be squinting at name tags and reconnecting with old lab partners, people from Spanish class and straight guys I hooked up with in cars.

Speaking of guys I hooked up with, I do happen to have the honor of showing up tomorrow night with my high school sweet heart, that just so happened to have gone to our rival school. And by high school sweet heart I do  mean guy I hooked up with. But we did end up falling in love and all that stuff. (Although I always new he’d be mine).

I guess what I want out of the experience is the experience. How could I not. I’ll be blogging about it soon.

Dear Hypstercrite

This was actually a comment I wrote on Hipstercrite, in response to her post Self-promotion and Blogger. After I finished reading it, I figured, it might as well be a goddamn post. That’s her right there. I know, I’d totally love to be seen with her too. But she’s also great writer and clearly knows her way around bloggerlandia. So I thought I’d hit her up for some advice. If you guys have any words of wisdom or suggestions for what you’d like to see on Blogaldo, spit it right down there in the comment box for me me will ya. Don’t forget to check out her blog. You shant regret it. And without further ado:

I got over feeling self-conscious about self-promoting a long time ago. More because I found myself doing it in every day conversation anyway. So I started doing it online. I never hated twitter, but I never got it either. It wasn’t until I started competing for an online writing gig (which I didn’t get) that I started realizing how helpful it is. 
I feel you on taking 30 minutes to construct the perfect status update for FB, but man when I was on twitter a lot more, I didn’t give a flying fancy how many times people saw my annoying tweets about voting for me, or checking out my blog or adding me on so and so. I didn’t that is, until I started annoying myself. You are very right, these things have to be calculated properly for a better return. 
I have a question for you. Now maybe this is something I missed along the way because you’ve been blogging a lot longer than I’ve been following, but, how exactly did you get so, famous if you will? I mean duh, the content is great no doubt, that’s why I come back, but in terms of the networking and the self-promoting… was it all by accident? a little more thought out? At what point did you feel like you, took off?
My own readership boomed for a while just cause I started to get to know a lot of local Phoenicians who are down to support an artist. And I even got some publicity on some local publications. But I truly had no idea how to celebrate it and use it to my advantage. I kinda silently freaked out to be honest. Lately, I’m wallowing in some sort of blog limbo (and maybe a little laziness too). My content is suffering for it. I have so many ideas in my head, which I’m sure you are familiar with, but when it comes to sitting behind the keyboard and busting out a quick post, I don’t ever feel like its me anymore. Do I write about my personal adventures? Pop culture? Cats? Like, my blog needs a facelift. A resurrection. A new direction. A certain… je ne se quoi. Yes, I went there. 
For some reason I feel like ending this with a Savage Love-esque acronym. 
Desparately Unsure Guy All Like Duh… Oh.