Month: June 2010

Round two

That’s right I made it to round two . I got enough heart from all of you to continue vying for the most interesting job I’ve ever gone out for. Once again I want to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone out there supporting me. For real, I could not have done it without you.

As a little thank you. I’d like to present this most excellent video that my boyfriend made last week. (I helped.) I really like this piece because it blends two of my favorite Phoenix cultural phenomena: Civic Space Jam and Flamenco por la Vida.

It is my pleasure to pass this little nug on to everyone. Many more to come.


Saturn what?

Xinthia. I know you recognize these little fotos because I just yanked them from your comp. Thanks for always letting me blog from this little lap top, that has seen me through many an emotional type fest. I think for your __th birthday, we should go to Disneylandia.

Make me a guru

Heart Me
So I’m applying to be a travel guru for and I’m very excited about it. Normally I wouldn’t put my job hunting on blast, but this is a little bit different. Something about this job feels right. Or at least the application process feels right. Straight up, to apply, I have to write about gay friendly places I love and ask my friends, family and followers to read and enjoy it. That’s all. I already do that.
So this is the part where all of you get to be my references. I don’t need your number or address, just a little heart. Are you guys down to help? The first thing you do is sign up at, just like you would for facebook, twitter and youtube. Oh and make sure to check your email to confirm your account and then log back in. Then you just click on my profile and my photos and articles will pop up.
Now here is the most important part. To read a story you click on the title so that the article opens up, and right there above you’ll see next to the title, there should be a little heart. Those hearts are the keys to my success, the more of my hearts you click, the more chance I have to be America’s next top model…. uh… I mean gay travel guru. So if you have the time please click as many as you can. All of them?

For anyone that goes through the motions I really appreciate it. Make sure to check the site out too, there are a lot of great tips on there from people all over the world. And if you know anyone out there that wouldn’t mind helping a blogger out, send this message their way for me. Thanks again dudes.

Alright. Crazy huh. Let’s hope this works.

I heart everybody

I had a busy little day today. But I got out. Re-connected with my city. Saw people I know. Had coffee I’d been hankering for. Talked to local business owners. Had Sonoran hot dogs with good friends. And found out there are a lot of cool people in my life, that are down to help me out when I ask.

Oh and I narrowly escaped jury duty too. Life is good.

Network like a ninja

I started a new blog. Yeah just like that. I’ve been clicking away at this computer non stop for the last few weeks. See, for the first time since I started blogging I’ve admitted to myself that if I really want my writing (and I mean my writing, writing) to be successful, I can’t just sit on a cute little blogspot and expect opportunity to knock. Believe me it couldn’t get past Irma in the lobby anyway. She’s a ninja ass security guard who loves cats, but if you want in to my building, you have to go through her. Anyway I gotta get out and find that opportunity myself. I gotta get all up in the mix. There’s no choice anymore.

So I’ve been putting myself out there so to speak, on twitter and facebook and networking sites galore. It’s really quite gruesome and exciting. I even have a youtube now. Yeah get ready for that one. I’m going to get so sick of myself. But I hope you don’t.

I have to get back to writing about other things. I’ll be back soon with updates but I’ll leave you with a clip from said new blog. It’s supposed to help me find new followers and get more clicks and things like that. Andale pues. Enjoy.

Can you even count them? Your blog posts? Tweets? Retweets? Status updates? Links. Emails. Texts. Sexts. Pokes. Forwards. Comments. Spam. Honey roasted ham. And what was that one thing called… myshpashe? …

Ah and you know what? Just so I don’t leave you without a little visual stimulation, here’s a vid from one of my favorite YouTube homegirls from way back. Thas raight fools…. It’s Little Loca. Un… What?

Pink Hair Yellow Scarf

I don’t know that anything can distract me, relax me, more than to just stop, drop and draw. On a napkin, on a paper plate, even an empty cup of coffee. There is something other worldly about the experience. I’ve been doing it since I was a little mocoso kid and I’ll probably do it until I’m senile.

Last night I didn’t go to sleep until about 4am. I wasn’t even partying, though I did do my fair share of that this weekend. The BF and I were actually collaborating on a video project that I hope to share with everyone very soon here. And by collaborate by the way, I mean that he did most of the work, while I sat next to him and sketched away.

Out of the dozen or so index cards that I lost myself in, this little Betty won top drawing.