Month: April 2010

But Will There Be Hip Shaking?

So Shakira is set be in Phoenix tomorrow to meet with Mayor Phil Gordon in opposition to SB1070. Now, I’ve shaken Phil Gordon’s hands a few times. Does that make me just one degree away from everyone’s favorite she wolf? Who am I kidding, if I’m counting that logic, the odds are I’ve probably slept with someone who’s dressed her, danced with her or did her hair. Either way I’m excited that these two people that I’m a fan of, are joining forces for some serious ass shit.


Promised Pretty Words

On a morning in which I’ve already missed two metro trains, realized that I forgot my wallet after I ordered the latte, and missed anthropology lecture, again, this song pumped me full of some much needed, misguided creative energy. Special thanks to the better half for downloading the new MGMT, Congratulations. If I stumble upon a song that inspires me to get my shit together and just finish out this semester with whatever is left of my intellectual dignity, I’ll let you know.