Month: March 2010

Shake Your Blog Blog

Why do I choose to blog instead of complete my assignments? I’m losing points daily to this addiction. Can someone grade me on this humpday post or something? It may have something to do with a certain Don Rickyyy.


Brain Stain

It seems that every time I finally fucking get through something, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in, only to realize I still have much yet to accomplish. Yeah I know, you guys feel it too. But damn, I never thought my brain would get so fried it would just start leaking out. Check it, a real life nose bleed.

Exhaustedly Excited

I’m super tired. I’ve missed a lot of class in the last two days due to delayed flights. I have the post New York blues. I’m late on two assignments for my favorite class this semester. I have a shit load of writing to do. And did I mention I’m tired?

But I’m back in Phoenix now, about to get on said writing, but before I do, I just wanted to share something with you, and admit, I’m totally excited about life over it.

Echo What

Hey um, I Noticed You Around… You Don’t uh Blog, Do You?

You know how when you’re in another country, and you’ve been trying to speak French, or Italian or Cantonese for a week straight, and there is that moment when you hear the familiar twang of American English (or which ever language you grew up speaking), and you feel this quick but honest kinship with that speaker, if only for the simple fact that you can understand what they are saying. Or you know when you’re on the metro during rush hour, and you bump a little to close, a little to face to face, with that person that’s been next to you for seven stops, and you can’t help but smile at each other (or sneer?). Or, remember your first boy on boy kiss? That exhilarating sense of just connecting with someone. If only for a moment.

I love that feeling. I’m always looking for it and I’ll take it from who’s ever giving it out. But that doesn’t mean that from time to time, I can’t feel that curious little tingle, when I wasn’t even expecting it. Over this last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with a hand full of bloggers from right here in Phoenix (and the rest of the Valley). Queer bloggers too; or queer enough anyways. We where brought together by Stacy Jay Cavalier (doesn’t that just roll off your tongue?) for a story he’s writing for  ECHO magazine on LGBT bloggers. And man, I had a blast. Within two hours time, I’d virtually met the kids, made inappropriate jokes about a reported shooting at a downtown gay bar and almost set up a face massage train. Almost. 
I mean either way these people were just cool. But it was nice that, we were all brought together, because we all like to do what you and I are doing right now. Blogiterating. I felt like, I don’t know, I was in Oprah’s book club or the red hat ladies or something. I just felt like, yeah these people get me. Anyways I’m following their blogs now and I wanted to share them with you. 

Cicely is a straight girl who is as adorable as she is funny. She owns an her own event planning firm, which I didn’t know at the time I was chillin’ with her. I thought she just blogged for them. Very cool Cicely. Very cool. You can find her blog at

Lonnie is boy who, go figure, I actually already knew from working the coffee and tapas scene in Phoenix. You know how when you see another boy who is, well you know, and you just, know? Well, I’m not going to lie, just by looking at him, I wouldn’t guess he was a blogger. His blog is fun and fresh and its actually where I pulled the photo for this post from. He was doing a little live blogging. You can keep up with him at

Jen and T are a super loving couple, with three kids, who represent one blog between the both of them. We couldn’t pull these girls apart. They blog about hippy ass shit that I am totally fascinated by, but I’m trying to hard to be a city boy to allow myself to dabble in right now. So, I’ve been enjoying hippying out vicariously through them. You can learn about organic, locally grown veggies and stuff and how to make chicken coops by reading their blog, appropriately called Two Queer Hippies.